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Jaclyn Smith Face Care Collection

Face Care Collection
The Complete Face Care Collection contains all five of the essesntial creams and lotions needed to follow Jaclyn's daily routine. The ingredients work in concert to help maximize their ability to reverse the signs of skin aging, and keep your skin looking and feeling it's absolute best. Each product has been carefully formulated using advanced scientifically proven ingredients, and has an amazing luxurious feel. Two extra creams, Silk Body Lotion and Repairing Night Moisturizer are included with Jaclyn's compliments.

•     Developed by medical professionals and tested
•     by beauty industry experts
•     Ingredients work in harmony with Jaclyn's beauty
•     routine to help reverse the signs of aging
•     30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
•     Generous (3 month) Supply of each product

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Face Care Collection (All)   |   Purifying Facial Cleanse   |   Rehydrating Day Moisturizer   |   Rejuvenating Eye Cream    |   Intensive Night Moisturizer With Retinol   |   Polishing Exfoliator
Repairing Night Moisturizer   |   Silky Body Lotion