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A gentle cleanse formulated with milk proteins, naturally occurring exfoliating enzymes, rich hydrators, and skin soothing agents, to minimize skin irritation, prevent moisture loss, and guard against skin dulling residue. Effective with or without water, this gentle cleanse purifies and nourishes the face, leaving it refreshed, healthy, smooth, and hydrated.

- Great for all skin types
- Enriched with natural exfoliating enzymes, moisture rich hydrators, and skin soothing agents
- Gently removes makeup, dirt, and impurities without irritating or drying
- Milk proteins, vitamins, and fruit extracts sooth and nourish the skin
- Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh, soft and hydrated

An ultra rich renewal cream containing polypeptides and vitamins to firm and rejuvenate, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under eye dark circles. The luxurious formula is also rich in emollients, and together with potent antioxidants helps reverse signs of aging and sun damage in the delicate thinner skin eye area.

- Contains the polypeptide Syn-Coll® and Retinyl Palmitate clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Encourages collagen production and firms the skin
- Rich in antioxidants to shield the skin from free radicals
- The polypeptide Haloxyl™ reduces the appearance of dark circles and hyaluronic acid hydrates, and plumps fine lines.
- Rich in moisturizers to protect the more fragile eye area skin

With a light luxurious feel, this cream provides unparalleled anti-aging protection, while its unique rehydrating properties actively trap water to keep the face hydrated. Its potent ingredients help shield the skin against the effects of the sun, and other environmental assaults. Active sunscreens give complete UVA/UVB protection, while vitamins A, C, and E, and Co-enzymeQ10 further enhance sun protection, scavenge free radicals, and repair sun damaged skin.

- Complete UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection against the suns harmful rays with 5 active sun blocking agents
- A powerful blend of antioxidants synergistically defend the skin from sun and free radical damage
- Guards against premature aging and sun damage
- Hyaluronic acid and moisturizers keep the skin hydrated throughout the day
- Absorbs quickly to leave skin fresh and healthy

This rich intensive nighttime cream is formulated for exceptional overnight moisturizing and to promote active recovery form environmental damage. Enriched with peptides, antioxidants, and emollients, as well as 1% liposomal micro-encapsulated
and 0.25% pure retinol it promotes cell regeneration, builds new collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles,
and age spots, and repairs signs of aging caused by sun exposure while you sleep. Both forms of retinol maximize its effect,
while minimizing the side effects.

- Contains an intensive dose of liposomal and pure Retinol to help increase skin elasticity, decrease pore size,
generate collagen, and smooth skin surface
- Liposomal micro encapsulation allows enhanced delivery of Retinol to deeper layers of the skin, increasing effectiveness
- Antioxidants and retinol help repair the visible signs of photoaging and sun damage as you sleep
- The polypeptide Syn-Coll® reduces the appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles
- A powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and moisturizers restores hydration and relieves dryness

A luxurious cream enriched with powerful antioxidants, moisturizers, and peptides to rebuild collagen, hydrate the face, and
repair sun damage while you sleep. A potent alternative to Jaclyn’s Intensive Night Moisturizer with Retinol, as some skin
types cannot tolerate Retinol every night.

- A powerful rich nighttime moisturizer for repairing sun damage while you sleep
- An alternative cream when retinol is too harsh to use everyday
- Enhanced with potent antioxidants to help shield the skin from free-radicals
- The polypeptide Syn-Coll® aids in rebuilding collagen and clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and natural oils help maintain the skins natural moisture and prevent water loss

An effective exfoliating cleanser with micro-abrasion beads, formulated to gently remove dry surface skin cells for immediate freshness and radiance. Removes accumulated dead surface skin cells, environmental impurities, oils, and thickened outer layers of skin to reveal a fresher-looking newer skin that is smooth, renewed, and luminous.

- Polishes skin with micro beads to remove dead surface cells and reveal a smooth glowing complexion
- Gentle enough for sensitive skin
- Natural fruit and sugar cane extract enzymes help clarify skin by removing dead cells and eliminating bacteria
- Green tea aids in decreasing inflammation, reducing free radicals, and combating acne

A luxurious custom formulated body lotion with active ingredients restores the skin’s natural balance and elasticity, while antioxidants help repair the effects of aging and sun damage. A combination of moisturizers and silk amino acids hydrates the skin, relieves dryness, sensitivity, and irritation, leaving skin smoother than ever, to recapture the youthful look of dewy, luminous, healthy skin.

- Silk amino acids impart a soft velvety feel
- Antioxidants to defend the skin against free radicals
- Natural quick absorbing plants and oils make skin feel satiny smooth, and relieve dryness
- Leaves skin looking radiant, soft, and healthy
- Jaclyn’s own favorite delicate vanilla scent

Massage over dry or dampened skin each morning to start the day, and every night to thoroughly cleanse and remove make-up. Rinse with lukewarm water or tissue off.

Tips: A clean face should always precede applications of skincare products and creams to maximize absorption of their active ingredients. Avoid using very hot or cold water, as it can cause broken capillaries. Don’t over scrub the skin and avoid over cleansing (twice a day is all you need), which strips the skin of natural oils that maintain skin health and balance. Over cleansing can contribute to adult acne by causing over production of oils and encouraging moisturizers to sit on the skin’s surface, instead of soaking in.

Apply to entire eye area each morning and evening after cleansing.

Tips: The eye area is generally the first place you show aging, so it is extremely important to apply a good anti-aging eye cream enriched with polypeptides and antioxidants. Eye creams are great because they not only moisturize around your eyes but also provide a smooth surface for concealers, foundations and eye shadow.
Transfer some of the eye cream onto your ring finger, as it is the smoothest and least used of your fingers, so it will glide against your skin lightly. It will also exert the least amount of force, saving your sensitive eye skin from being tugged or pulled. Dab gently around the eye area starting near the bottom-inside area of the eye, and work your way around your eye until you are near the top-outside corner. Make sure to cover the area where you notice aging or crow’s-feet, even though it may reach out from your eye a little. Pat the area around the eye repeatedly to help ensure that the eye cream absorbed into the skin. However, remember the skin in the eye area is thinner and more delicate, so apply the cream gently, and do not rub or pull.

Apply crème to entire face and neck every morning after cleansing.

Tips: A good Day Cream should always be applied before foundation, as it will “prep” the skin, and this “base” allows
make-up to go on easier and look better.
Unless you use a separate sunscreen, it is imperative that your day cream also protect your skin against further damage by including both a Sunscreen and Antioxidants. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin aging (wrinkles, sun spots), and so it is vital to use a day cream that effectively block the entire UVA/UVB spectrum every day, even in winter. Antioxidants are equally important, as they increase sunscreen protection, and scavenge free radicals from the environment.

Apply cream to entire face and neck area each night after cleansing.

Tips: Along with moisturizers, a night cream should contain other agents like antioxidants, retinol, and polypeptides to help repair skin damaged during the day. Retinols (retinoid’s) are perhaps the best anti-aging ingredient in skincare. However, some women with sensitive skin may need to gradually build up to regular nightly use, and should begin by using smaller quantities, or alternating night creams (with one and one without retinol) to avoid irritating effects. In addition, it is extremely important to always apply an effective sunscreen when using retinol, as it increases sensitivity to sun exposure.

Apply to entire face and neck area each night after cleansing.

Tips: In addition to moisturizing, this night cream contains antioxidants, vitamins, and polypeptides to help repair the skin damaged during the day. It can be used every night, or as an alternative cream when retinol is too harsh to use every day. It is also an effective product for day use when there is going to be no sun exposure, or with the use of an effective sunscreen product.

Massage gently over wet skin using finger tips, and rinse off with lukewarm water. For dry or sensitive skin use once or twice weekly, and for oily skin, use 3-4 time/week.

Tips: Like any physical exfoliator (Joe link here) this product should be used to gently “polish” the skin, not as a scrub. Although exfoliation is extremely beneficial at removing unwanted accumulation of dead surface skin cells to reveal a smoother fresher face, don’t overdo it. Listen to your skin, if it is becoming red or irritated you are either “scrubbing” too hard, or exfoliating too often. Some people may need to exfoliate different parts of their face with different frequencies. For instance, if your face is a combination of dry and oily, you might exfoliate the dry areas once a week, whereas in your oily areas (“T” zone), you may exfoliate more frequently.

Apply daily to entire body immediately after bathing to help lock in moisture.

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